Cantemus (Archive)

Bulletin of the Gregorian Institute of Canada

March 2023 Vol. 12
Report on GIC Colloquium 2022
Dom Joseph Pothier, Pioneer of the Restoration of Gregorian Chant
Christminster Monastery
New Publication: The Sarum Gradual Latin

June 2021 Vol. 11
Sarum Chant Sung in Japan (Supplementary files: Table1, Table2)
UNA VOCE and the Servants of the Most Blessed Sacrament

March 2020 Vol. 10
Report from the 14th Annual Colloquium of the GIC
Vespers with Gregorian Chant: An Experience
New “Canadian Chant Database” for Manuscripts and Fragments
CHANT ALIVE! — The 15th Annual Colloquium of the GIC
A Very Special CD for Ensemble Scholastica’s 10th Anniversay!
New Research on Old Chant

May 2019 Vol. 9
GIC’s 13th Annual Colloquium at Huron University College
Colloquium 2019: Hispanic Plainchant at the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac
Sarum Vespers and Compline
The York Feast of Saint Cecilia

April 2018 Vol. 8
Twelfth Annual Colloquium at Saint-Benoît-du-Lac
An interview with William Oates, founder and honorary member of IGC/GIC
13th Annual Colloquium 2018
Taking Chant to the Public Square: Halifax’s Schola Cantorum Turns Ten
Setting English Texts to the Simple Gregorian Psalm Tones

February 2017 Vol. 7
Toronto 2016 Report
The Sarum Rite — Progress Report
A Saguenay Training Session in Gregorian Chant
Vespers at the Church of St-Léon de Westmount
Performance of the Translation of St. Osmund
12th Annual Colloquium of the Gregorian Institute of Canada
A Note of Introduction from a New Member

July 2012 Vol. 6
GIC 7th Annual Colloquium Montréal 2012
Kalamazoo Report
Cantus Database Update

December 2011 Vol. 5, No. 2
Report on the GIC 6th Annual Colloquium
Replacement on GIC Board of Directors
Cantemus: New Format, New Editor
Sarum Rite Publication Gets New Home
Montréal Gets a New Choir — Chœur grégorien de Montréal
New Book by GIV member Dr. Neil Moran
GIC returns to Kalamazoo
CD Launch by Member
Colloque 2012: GIC 7th Annual Colloquium

March 2011 Vol. 5, No. 1
A Reflection on the 5th Annual Colloquium
Hamilton Schola Cantorum
4th Journées grégoriennes of Montreal
Proceedings of the 4th Annual Colloquium
Schola Magdalena News
Chant: Old and New, 6th Annual Colloquium of the GIC

March 2010 Vol. 4
Fourth Annual Colloquium of the GIC
Exhibition: Chant in Colonial Canada
15 Years of Gregorian Chant by Schola Saint Grégoire of Montreal
Third Journées grégoriennes de Montréal
Gregorian Chant in Honour of the Virgin Mary: GIC 5th Annual Colloquium

January 2009 Vol. 3

Colloquium 2008: Behind the Scenes at Magog
Montreal’s Second “Journées grégoriennes”
Schola Magdalena
Journées grégoriennes in Quebec City
Festival of Chant 2008
Kalamazoo 2008
4th Annual Colloquium GIC

February 2008 Vol. 2
Pilgrimage to Kalamazoo
GIC Returns to Kalamazoo
Gregorian Institute Colloquium: July 2007
Una Voce: Le Choeur Grégorien du Saguenay
Journées grégoriennes at St.-Viateur Church, Montreal
Music of the Sarum Office: Progress Report
Second Festival of Chant Presented at St. Mary Magdalene’s, Toronto
New Women’s Chant Group: Schola Magdalena

December 2006 Vol. 1
First Annual Colloquium an Enriching Experience
Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham
A Festival of Chant at St. Mary Magdalene’s
GIC goes to Kalamazoo
Chant at the Cramner Conference