The Gregorian Institute of Canada (GIC) undertakes research and education to promote the study and performance of Gregorian and other Western chant repertoires in Canada.



supports and publishes research regarding the whole range of the Gregorian and other Western chant repertoire, including issues of performance practice, cultural history, transmission, notation, and resources for research and performance.


provides colloquia, workshops, performances, and special study days to develop the knowledge and teach the skills necessary to perform and critically appreciate monastic and secular chant in the Western cultural tradition.

works with the academic community as well musicians, cantors, and local churches of various denominations.

organizes and runs ‘field-trips’ to parishes and monastic communities with living traditions of chant performance.

The Gregorian Institute of Canada is a not-for-profit corporation, licensed and authorized to provide official tax receipts for donations in support of its mission. Founded in 2004, GIC is a non-denominational association. GIC is affiliated with The School of the Arts, McMaster University.

Board of Directors

  • Kate Helsen
  • James Maiello
  • Emilie Maunder
  • John-Mark Missio
  • William Renwick
  • Adrian Ross
  • Innocent Smith
  • Brandon Wild

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